Hemo Safe and Hemo Safe Pro

Hemo Safe and Hemo Safe Pro

Developed for the refrigerated transport of blood products, biological materials and chemical reagents, Hemo Safe and Hemo Safe Pró meet all requirements of the Human Species category of RDC No. 20/2014.

Hemo Safe and Hemo Safe Pro Hemo Safe and Hemo Safe Pro

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Hemo Safe and Hemo Safe Pro


Highly effective and easily handled and sanitized, it is designed to maintain the integrity and stability of products transported between 1°C and 10°C, and is available in two sizes: 26 and 36 liters.

In addition, it is possible to integrate the use of Polar Sat Move technology into Hemo Safe and make it an effective tracking and tracing system that emits complete alerts and reports on temperature, location, occurrence of impacts, speed and vibrations in real time .

Hemo Safe Pro Pro – Polar Sat Move Technology

  • Temperature monitoring and recording
  • Geo-positioning: GPS | WIFI | LBS
  • Schedule alerts: notifications via SMS or email
  • Monitoring and recording of speeds, shock and load tipping
  • Resistance to altitude, shock, fall, vibration, high and low temperatures


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