Top Sek® – Evolution of Ice Ice Foam®

Top Sek® – Evolution of Ice Ice Foam®

In addition to maintaining the same thermal performance as Ice Foam®, the Top Sek® is the only ice-foam on the market with unique technology that allows the absorption of up to 90% of the condensation water, thus preventing accumulation inside the thermal box which damage the packaging of the transported product. Not to mention that the self-absorbing surface also makes easier the manipulation during the operation, reducing the sensation of cold to the touch, since the ice can reach to -25°C.

It was three years of studies and research that allowed the development of a thermal solution that was the improvement of Ice Foam® and still met the new specific needs of the pharmaceutical market.


Top Sek® – Evolution of Ice Ice Foam® Top Sek® – Evolution of Ice Ice Foam®

Top Sek® – Evolution of Ice Ice Foam®


Top Sek® is recommended for the transport of products that require controlled time and temperature, mainly in the range of 2°C to 8°C.

  • Exclusive self-absorbing technology
  • Thermal comfort for handling
  • Greater efficiency and thermal stability of the market
  • Better utilization of the useful space of the packaging
  • Reduction of direct and indirect costs (lower cost in the whole package of thermal packaging)
  • 18 different sizes
  • Valid for 36 months
  • Non-toxic, free of fungi and bactéria
  • Fast delivery

Usage Tips

  • The Top Sek® must not be in direct contact with the internal walls of the freezer, in order not to block the air circulation and to optimize the freezing time;
  • Do not let the freezer door open in order to avoid the formation of ice inside and to reduce energy costs;
  • The freezer thermostat should be directed to the ‘freezer’ position, so that the equipment works in the necessary temperature range between -15°C and -25°C;
  • Do not use Top Sek® without freezing and without being fit for use, as mentioned above;
  • Do not use Top Sek® only under refrigeration (refrigerator);
  • Freeze the Top Sek® for a minimum of 72 to 96 hours (3 to 4 days) between -15°C and -25°C.

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